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Bailey Scholars Program

During the academic year 2018/2019 year I was a Bailey Scholars Program (BSP) Graduate Fellow, during which I time I co-convened two of the core-courses in the Leadership in Integrated Learning minor. The BSP is a democratic, student self-directed learning community. As such, co-instructors do not make exclusive decisions about the content, assessments, or policies of the course. Rather, they are co-learners. At times the co-instructors may assume a more active role and they are the administrative responsible parties, however, largely they participate in course activities and interact in many of the same ways as students. Part of this participation includes maintaining a learning portfolio. My learning portfolio is available at There you'll find artifacts and reflections from class experiences, my learning vision statement, my answers to the Bailey 5 questions, and a little more about me (my strengths).


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